Thursday, 25 August 2011

Raspberry Gin

Hi, and welcome to my journal. I've been meaning to keep a journal for years, as a record of things I've made, but to be honest I find it all a bit daunting, like how will I ever have the time to update it regularly? But now I am on maternity leave, I've got a bit more time, not only to make stuff, but to keep a blog too! I'm enjoying my first ever summer of not having to go to work, and trying to make the most of this special time. My baby was born in April, he's already huge, and nearly 5 months old. I made him lots of cardigans when I was pregnant, but I wasnt expecting him to be so big, so now they are nearly all too small for him. So I made a couple more for the autumn...

I've been enjoying my garden too, its small, untidy but quite productive! Yesterday I made raspberry gin from our 'autumn bliss' raspberries.

Raspberry Gin

You will need:
1 bottle of gin
about 300g raspberries
white sugar
an empty screw top wine /gin bottle (you'll end up with 2 bottles full of gin)
measuring jug

Pour the gin into the jug, then divide the raspberries between the two bottles, to about a third of the way up. Top up with sugar to about another third of the way up, then pour in the gin. Shake every day for 5 days, then leave for 3 months. It should be ready by Christmas.